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There are many ways you can have a part in our lives and the work we are doing here.

We are in need of prayer more than anything else. Please pray for God's protection over us and His ministry. Pray that His Kingdom come, His will be done, in our lives and His work as it is in Heaven. Pray that He continues to provide for our family as we live in faith without complete financial support. 

As we are with YWAM which is a movement based on faith, we live and work depending on God's calling no matter what percentage of our financial budget is supported. Each month we trust in His provision. If you are interested in supporting us financially or giving a one-time donation, please contact us at for details. If you are giving a donation, please be specific as to which area you would like the donation to go to (ministry, a special project or personal use).

You can also have a part by coming to visit! Along with visitors who just need a break in a country atmosphere or who come for a very short time just to see the work, we also welcome ministry teams who can come for any amount of time between 2 weeks - 1 month. However, we are willing to accommodate for teams who wish to come for a shorter or longer time than that too. Teams will stay with us in a village and family-style environment and can work alongside us in children's ministry, sports, agriculture and farming, building projects, training and English teaching.

We want to thank everyone who stands with us through prayer and financial support. Thank you so much for your time and sacrifices in order to build God's Kingdom!

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