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A true story of one man's survival and redemption
whilst living in one of the most isolated villages in Thailand

Because You Chose WHO?

The name Kwanklar means "brave spirit" in Thai. This is the true story of Kwanklar Piawong, a man born into a poor, isolated village in East Thailand, surrounded by bondages of darkness. From a young age, Kwanklar was involved in alcohol, drugs, gangs and sex. As a gang-leader he was on the run from the police. Death was at his doorstep on a daily basis. The odds for a future were against him. Kwanklar tried everything possible to find purpose only to meet with failure.


Then all of a sudden, Kwanklar was captured with an opportunity to step out of his deep, dark pit and into the light. He stepped into a long, hard but promising journey of new chances and unrecognisable change.

Because You Chose Me is Kwanklar's story of redemption, forgiveness and transformation as his redeeming Savior found him in all his imperfections and brought him home to his Father.

"Wow! 'Because You Chose Me' is a powerful book. It is a real and authentic story of a process where God works deeper behind the issue, creating something beautiful out of chaos and despair. Kwankla doesn't just tell his story as a narrator, but he draws people into it. 'Because You Chose Me' brings hope to the hopeless." - Ian Talbot, Leadership Development, YWAM Thailand

"This is a powerful story of pain, suffering and redemption. God is going to use it to touch many people's lives. It communicates what love looks like with a prodigal son going away from his father and family. This story is open, direct and communicates the bad news just as openly as the good news. This is a story you want to read.” - Steve and Marie Goode, authors of “Bring Your Eyes and See - Our Journey into Justice, Compassion and Action” and directors of YWAM Mercy - Bangkok, Thailand.

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