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No matter where we are and what kind of work we are doing, as a family we have embraced the picture of a BRIDGE for our goal in ministry. We seek to be like a bridge that will lead broken people to the unfailing love of God. The letters of BRIDGE stand for six main words:







We seek to build connections and revive strength and passion for ministry workers, so that they may be taken care of while they seek to serve others in the name of love. As of 2019, we do this by visitation trips to Thai ministry workers, offering casual counselling to both Thai and foreign ministry workers, and involvement in a homeschool co-op which we helped to found in mid-2018.

We love to influence emerging leaders and develop young Christians through training at kids camps and various events, worship ministry, writing, and recording music.

Lastly, we have a passion for family ministry and aim to give nurture to hurting children and empower youth and families at risk through overseeing Shylah House and running events and sports activities that will develop youth and families.

Doing the above might sound really busy, but that is not our goal. Although in our early years of marriage we tried to make ourselves as busy as possible doing ministry, we now realise this is not a sustainable way of living and it is not God's heart for His beloved children. We simply aim to know God's love and share it by living and acting out through the gifts and talents that He has given us, and raising a team to work alongside us and share the load.


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