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in Thailand


We are a family who among ourselves are very different even in language and culture, but we have one heart to see those who live in the surrounding region and neighboring countries know and experience the pure and unconditional love of God.

Our focus is to disciple and pour love into families, children, and youth, especially those at risk. Our goal is to one day see these people that we're reaching grow and step out to be leaders in their own families and communities, taking initiative to reach out through the unique gifts that God has given them.

Our background

Noom grew up in a small village in Thailand. When he was in his twenties and after many years of involvement with alcohol, drugs, women and being the leader of a gang, God transformed his life through a YWAM DTS in 2006. He made the commitment to serve God and stayed on staff for another few years. Karis grew up in Australia and moved to Thailand with her parents in 2007. At the beginning of 2008, Karis did a DTS with YWAM and it was there that God confirmed His calling on her life for Thailand and gave her a heart for Isaan (where Noom is from and where we ministered through mercy ministries, sports, music and discipleship from 2009-2016). Throughout that DTS in 2008 God showed us individually the plan that He had for us to spend our lives together. Karis stayed on staff for another year and in August 2009 we got married and moved to Isaan.

God has given us a heart for worship, families, children, and culture (especially sports and music). In late 2009 Noom started a cultural music ministry. The goal of this group was to share God's love with the people using their own unique culture and language. We worked together leading this ministry until 2013, as well as being guardians for a few teenage boys who lived with us from 2009-2012. However, after becoming parents to our first son Eliyah in 2011, Karis started to feel the time was coming for her to start pursuing her dream of reaching out to mothers-at-risk. This slowly evolved into a mercy ministry that reached out to whole families-at-risk. At first, this ministry was called Bethany Home. The initial vision was for it to be a home, but it ended up being more of a ministry that reached out to families in their own homes and communities. This, along with training, sports and music, was our main focus until late 2014.

Between 2015-early 2017 God did many things in our hearts by slowly "weaning" us off ministry and helping us to see how much more important it is to have an intimate relationship with Him. Now, we are learning to live in Sonship and our hearts still beat for children, youth and families. We still have a vision to reach whole families and communities through mercy ministry, sports, music and community development. We have three children, Eliyah (2011), Solomon (2015) and Tidah (2018) and we are very passionate about journeying together as a whole family to live in God's love and bring that love to the people of Thailand.

In April 2019 after lots of prayer and counsel we agreed to oversee a mercy ministry called Shylah House. This ministry gives us the chance to work in our giftings, as a family, for families at risk. Please visit our new page for more information!

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